Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Where is the love? The black eye peas

TWhere is the Love? by Black Eye Peas

WALT identify the key ideas in a text

Success Criteria:
I can...
- find clues and evidence  to help determine the main ideas.
-combine clues and evidence to and link them to our prior knowledge to determine the main ideas.

Part of the song
What is the main idea(s) in this part of the song?
Give an example from the text that supports this idea.
Give another example from the text that supports this idea.
Express your viewpoint by synthesising what you have analysed.
-Do you agree with this part of the song? Why/why not?
Verse 1
The main idea in verse 1 is LOST and Hatred.
‘What’s wrong with the world mama People livin like they got no mama I think the whole world’s addicted to the drama”
“People only attracted to things that will bring you trauma.People joining gangs like the  big CIA, the
Bloods,the crips and the KKK”
The first verse to me is people a hating and are always lost in gangs.The problem is people is trying to be attention seekers.
The main idea in the chorus is how there is too much hate , bad fates , and agonising over what well it is all over the loss of life and purity.
“People Killing, People dying Children hurtin, hear them crying.
Can you practice what you preach Or would
yo turn the other cheek.
The chorus has some powerful words in it that makes the song appear very realistic like as if the problems in the world rise up from agonising hate , unfaithful fate , troublesome state , and from the love that is never there or the hope and dreams were stripped from the depths of our hearts.
Verse 2
The Main Idea in verse 2 is  Discrimination and Violence
“Not respecting eachother, denying thy brother, a war is going on, but the reasons undercover”
“Nations dropping bombs, chemical gases filling lungs of little ones”
Their family are so attached to drugs and other substances
Lua- I agree with what this verse is trying to say because all around the world there are still children getting hurt and people also going against their own skin colour/nation.

Unique- I admire what this verse and how it is explaining how people and young adults and teenages are being forced to be apart of crimes and bad influencing groups of society.
Verse 3
The main idea in verse 3 is about Selfishness
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders,
Selfishness got us following the wrong direction.

Wrong information always shown by the media,
Most of us only care about money .

Verse 4
The main idea in verse 4 is the values, equality and fairness of humanity.
Whatever happened to the values of humanity
Whatever happened to the fairness and equality
Instead of spreading love
We spreading animosity
Lack Of Understanding
What is Humanity about ?, Well Humanity is about love, hope, belief, troubles, and solving everything from within the overall results of what happens in life and how it helps us to all overcome the hate that we once thought was the answer to our blunt prayers.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Bush-Writing

Black leather boots marching in the clear dust of nature . Green surroundings have my sight as i hear hard thuds of a soldier.
“Muuuum can we STOP NOW!!!” Lisa Screeched. before mum could answer a low come from the right side of me”No! we must not stop,we must carry on so we can find the bush* before nightfall”   

We had walked 1/2 of a mile and still couldn't find the puzzling treasure. .Dark was growing and we were exhausted.We fought the hunger in our bellies.Nightfall  covered us like a umbrella keeping us dry.Dizzy heads walking back home with huge luggage. We were finally home.

I walked to dad and Said ”Sorry we couldn't the bush treasure”He looked at me confused and said”Son it don’t matter because you guys are my treasure.”

*My dad saw in a ad that the  golden  bush was a treasure, and who ever found would win 500,00 dollars also  4 passes to Hawaii for 5 weeks.Dad thought if he found it would be the best vacation ever so of we went.

Today My Life Begins

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Our Class Movie - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Sometimes you lose stuff and gain stuff but at the end of the day its is important to take care of your belongings or else it will be the finders keepers game.


Our School Movie Trailer - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Click play to view the trailer of the movies our school have made for the Manaiakalani Film Festival this year. 

Manaiakalani Film Festival Trailer - Tamaki Primary School Movies from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Narrative -Nerves Of Steel

Nerves Of Steel

Walking towards it, nerves struck my heart.My hands  were shaking so hard it was  making it difficult  for me to hold the pole. Feelings of death went through my mind. I felt like I was riding a roller coaster but 1000 times worse. I kept walking a few meters more with fear gaining through my body. My blood cells were running all over me panicking and panicking. It did not feel like it was me it wasn't me I felt like I was a burst of adrenalin.

The wind Punch me in the face,making me fall off But the balancing pole stood strong.The pole was not enough for the power of the wind.Continuing through the tightrope my muscle tensed so i could stand strong against the wind.

I was near to the end relief put down my fear, I was close nothing was not going to stop me.Walking down the line I started to pick up my speed.Finally I jog across the rope.Nothing could explain what I was thinking.Lights,camera,action in my face.I felt arms warp around my waste."YOU MADE IT"

By Sam

Plastic Bag Group Presentation.

This what me and my group presented today about plastic bags.
In this we had some interesting facts and questions.We hope you enjoy 
Our presentation and please leave a comment.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Sister's Wedding and My Birthday!!!

Today was day for my sister   My sister got married to her financie  Sione Taumaupenu.Also today was my birthday so happy birthday to me!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Tuakana Teina Day

Room 7 and Room 4 worked together this week. Press play to find out what tuakana/teina day is all about.

Tuakana Teina Day from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tuakana Teina With Room 4

Today is Tuakana Teina day with room 4.This means coming together and working with another student from another class.The buddy I am working with is Sanujan.He thinks that the netbook are good for us because so we learn faster.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Ancestral Poem

Ancestral Poem

I am a Tongan Male with brown skin like the pollen from a sunflower,
like the tapa hanging on my wall
and like the husk of a  coconut.
brown Like the fala that wraps around my waist which I wear with pride,
 brown like my ancestors who are all brown, proud Tongans.

I could hear the hakalo scraping the coconut and the milk pour as my elders stir the bowl.I could taste the soft mango delight and the crunchy coconut as i hold a cup.I could feel the hot breeze as I feel like i am in my homelands. I could see colourful fish swim along the shore and sun shine bright .

My ancestor are my guiding angels guiding me through Long journey and the high mountains.They are my warriors protecting me from harm and anything that will try to hurt me.

My ancestors are my heart,my liver,my lungs,my bones and my flesh everything that keeps a strong body moving.

Future shall come but I will pass on but I will look down from the skies  protecting and guiding  you.I am your heart, liver, lungs, bones and  flesh everything that keeps a strong body moving as I am your ancestor and your tongan warrior.

By Sam

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Digital FootPrints-Edward,Sam and Timothy

Cyber Smart - Smart Footprint

  • What is a digital footprint?
To me a digital footprint means that whatever you do only it will follow you and shadow you for many many days and decades.
  • What does the word ‘reputation’ mean? How does this word relate to ‘smart footprint’?
Reputation is what others think of you and how it will effect you like when for example you apply for a job they will see how you act and may or may not accept you.
  • Describe your digital footprint - what kind of online reputation do you want to have?
I would want to have a good a perfect reputation because when I apply for a job I might or I will get accepted and get paid with millions of money.
  • Identify at least 5 effective ways of having a smart online digital footprint.
You can have a good digital smart online footprint by making sure that you are responsible online, You are not posting inappropriate pictures, You are not hooking up with strangers that you have never met in your life and last but not least you are definitely not going on inappropriate web pages.  

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Net-Ball for Term 2

The last few weeks we have been learning about netball skills also we learnt the position of netball.
In this we had fun and we hope that our skills helps us in the netball tournament this year.We also played lots of netball games and activities

Topic Vocabluary

What's Hiding Inside

Friday, 24 May 2013

Current Events

Today me and my partner made a Presentation showing you about a Current Event that took in Australia.
Information will there and please enjoy and leave a comment.


This is about this girl who wants to get her ears pierced  but she has to earn them!!!

  • Find the meanings for these words:
  • Medieval- Relating to the middle ages.
  • Reinforcement - The action or process of reinforcing or strengthening.
  • Fascination - the state of being intensely interested
  • Permission - An official document giving authorization.

Name the characters in the story.
Ms Pool, Miro Mcdonald, Dad, Ramona

Summarise the story in your own words.
What happened was Romona made a deal with Ms Pool which was if she does better on maths then Ms Pool will take her to the shop and she will get her own earrings.
Design your own earrings:
dun dun duuun THE  TERROR

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Monday, 20 May 2013

My 6Hats Currents Events T2W3

This is my Currents events about David Beckham and how,when,what and why did he retire from soccer.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Math Learning Pathways

After Sitting Our e-asTTle  Math test this week,we analysed our group pathways which helped us identify

Monday, 13 May 2013

Will.I.Am Donates 100,000.00 To Manaikalani

Faith,Taylor,Jayden, Mavis got the chance to experience another way of  learning with the Manaiakalani. A fantastic piece of news which came to us as "Someone donated some money to the Manaikalani education trust" Well we found out that someone was MrWill.I.Am
I hope you enjoy reading my awesome experience below 
Please leave a comment!!!

Thursday 6 May 2013, was well... the best day of our life!!! I’m not being dramatic or anything but a group of students got the chance to see that Mr.William James Adams,otherwise known as Will.I.Am . He has donated $100,000 to the Manaiakalani Education Trust. We were told at first that it was an anonymous donater but when we arrived we got the news that it was Will.I.Am himself who had donated the money.It was something worth experiencing.

When the cheque was presented we were thankful and honored for his helpful donation towards the Manaiakalani Education Trust. His inspirational words motivated us all as students to keep moving forward in life.

The words that he preached today was "My mission is to help transform disadvantaged youths, and I hope my donation to the Manaiakalani Trust will help these young people gain the skills they need for tomorrow's job market."

We acknowledged that fact the he shared a small portion of his life with us about growing up with  only his mum to raise him and about the fact that music and arts literally saved his life. He told us that his dream was to look after his mother and siblings.

When he told us what his dream was we felt like we could do something with our life. Meeting or hearing him wasn’t just hearing or seeing him as a celebrity but we got to hear and see him as a person who motivated himself to succeed in life.

We came back to school feeling glad we got to be part of something worth remembering, we got to be part of something we could tell our friends with pride and experience.

My Weekly Poem

WALT read a poem and analyse the language features of a poem...

Dream Poems.

Take the time often and listen to music
while relaxing or dancing.
You know… the one that speaks to your soul.
Makes you Happy, Inspired,Romantic or Peaceful & Whole
Reflect on the feel Good moments you had,Have…and Dream the life you want to obtain.
Not any negativity,loss or pain.
Feed your soul the with the Love,Light & Positivity it craves…
Your mental and emotional stability it Saves.
1. Summarise the poem you have read in your own words.
  • The poem I read this week is about dreams and just to relax and think about music. Listening to music can make you feel happy,Inspired.Romantic or Peaceful and feel complete with who you are.

2. Identify at least 2 different language features in the poem and give examples.
You can identify more than 2 language features.

  • One of the language features in this poem is metaphor. Here is an example of this language feature. Peter ate too much. He was such a pig!. The cotton-wool clouds filled the sky.
  • Another language feature in this poem is onomatopoeias. Here is an example of this language feature. Bang,Drip,Roar,Smash,Buzz Buzz,Pop.

3. Evaluate (which means reflect and give your opinion) the author’s purpose for writing this poem - in your answers include the words: inform, entertain, persuade.

By analysing the poem I have read this week I think the author wrote this poem because it’s about people always being depressed so they need to sit back and relax by listening to music.    
  • The author was informing the audience about Relaxing to the music.
  • The author was entertaining the audience by their Language and how they used it.
  • The author is trying to persuade the audience to think Music can calm you down

    This poem is about music and how it relax you. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

My Group Goals For Term 2

After Sitting Our e-asTTle test this week,we analysed our group pathways which helped us identify
our group reading goal for this term.Here are my group reading goals:

WALT use skimming and scanning skills to help us locate specific information.
WALT make links between verbal and visual information in the texts we read.
WALT use variety of comprehension strategies to help us read consistently for meaning.

A Matter Of Fact

This is a popplet about the meaning of words linking to our Topic .(A Matter Of Fact)

Simple Fractions

This is Mine and Sau's Presentation of Simple fractions.
We hope you learn something from This and please leave Comments.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Our Motivation Experiment

This is our presentation about our motivation experiment we tested today.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

This is My Wordle Display about Fraction

This Term for math we are learning about Fractions.This is My Wordle vocabulary about Fractions

This My fraction Popplet

This Is My Success Criteria For My Procedural writing

My Writing Success Criteria-Write a title about the topic
-Subtitle-List the materials or equipment you need
-Use bullet points or numbers
-Record the steps in order
-Use an imperative verb in each sentence starter-Make sure sentence are easy to read and follow

How To Make Nutella Sandwich

How To Make A Nutella Sandwich

  1. What you need:

  1. Knife

  1. Butter

  1. Bread

  1. Nutella

  1. What to do:

  1. Get out your materials like nutella,bread,knife and butter.
  2. Take out two breads for the nutella and butter.
  3. Open up the butter and nutella and take a small scoop and mix it on the bread.
  4. put both breads together and eat and enjoy!