Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Bush-Writing

Black leather boots marching in the clear dust of nature . Green surroundings have my sight as i hear hard thuds of a soldier.
“Muuuum can we STOP NOW!!!” Lisa Screeched. before mum could answer a low come from the right side of me”No! we must not stop,we must carry on so we can find the bush* before nightfall”   

We had walked 1/2 of a mile and still couldn't find the puzzling treasure. .Dark was growing and we were exhausted.We fought the hunger in our bellies.Nightfall  covered us like a umbrella keeping us dry.Dizzy heads walking back home with huge luggage. We were finally home.

I walked to dad and Said ”Sorry we couldn't the bush treasure”He looked at me confused and said”Son it don’t matter because you guys are my treasure.”

*My dad saw in a ad that the  golden  bush was a treasure, and who ever found would win 500,00 dollars also  4 passes to Hawaii for 5 weeks.Dad thought if he found it would be the best vacation ever so of we went.

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