Friday, 23 November 2012

Saving power Persuasive

Are you aware our world is getting hotter? Climate change and greenhouse gases are making our world warmer. It affects pacific countries and animal species. Therefore you can help by saving power, if you're not willing to save power keep reading.

Saving power is important because it can save animals that live in ice, giving them less ice to live on as the ice melts nevertheless polar bears,penguins will become extinct.

Secondly it could make create a high level of floods on pacific countries because of rising sea level affected by the ice melting. For example Tokelau are dealing with floods having less land to live on, if you watch the news you will see.Here is a link to read more climate change.

My final point is that if you don’t use power wisely one day you will be walking and riding bikes! This is because petrol is a non-renewable source and cars need petrol to work. Since there is a lot of people using cars getting to places petrol is a serious matter if you don’t like walking!

If you are in love with penguins you will never see them again if you don’t save power! This is why you should save power!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Scotts Writing

Safety message  advert!!!
Do you like having a fridge or microwave or light bulb in your house? Its awesome that we have electricity  at our fingertips
but do you know how to be safe around electricity .If you have children Never Touch power lines because it can go through your body and to  the ground.Never go near danger  because it is a transformer .Remember Danger and warning Means Stay away.
Thank you for listening to this safety message!!!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Tukutuku patten


This is Tevita and Sam playing and hanging out at the park..We decided to draw a tree because that’s where we usually end up resting, eating and we decided to draw the rubbish bin next to it so we don’t have to walk half way through the park just to put our rubbish into the rubbish bin. For the background, we decided to make it yellow because we like sunny days and we made the sky cloudy because we thought it would be cool to add some clouds.