Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Sister's Wedding and My Birthday!!!

Today was day for my sister   My sister got married to her financie  Sione Taumaupenu.Also today was my birthday so happy birthday to me!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Tuakana Teina Day

Room 7 and Room 4 worked together this week. Press play to find out what tuakana/teina day is all about.

Tuakana Teina Day from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tuakana Teina With Room 4

Today is Tuakana Teina day with room 4.This means coming together and working with another student from another class.The buddy I am working with is Sanujan.He thinks that the netbook are good for us because so we learn faster.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Ancestral Poem

Ancestral Poem

I am a Tongan Male with brown skin like the pollen from a sunflower,
like the tapa hanging on my wall
and like the husk of a  coconut.
brown Like the fala that wraps around my waist which I wear with pride,
 brown like my ancestors who are all brown, proud Tongans.

I could hear the hakalo scraping the coconut and the milk pour as my elders stir the bowl.I could taste the soft mango delight and the crunchy coconut as i hold a cup.I could feel the hot breeze as I feel like i am in my homelands. I could see colourful fish swim along the shore and sun shine bright .

My ancestor are my guiding angels guiding me through Long journey and the high mountains.They are my warriors protecting me from harm and anything that will try to hurt me.

My ancestors are my heart,my liver,my lungs,my bones and my flesh everything that keeps a strong body moving.

Future shall come but I will pass on but I will look down from the skies  protecting and guiding  you.I am your heart, liver, lungs, bones and  flesh everything that keeps a strong body moving as I am your ancestor and your tongan warrior.

By Sam

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Digital FootPrints-Edward,Sam and Timothy

Cyber Smart - Smart Footprint

  • What is a digital footprint?
To me a digital footprint means that whatever you do only it will follow you and shadow you for many many days and decades.
  • What does the word ‘reputation’ mean? How does this word relate to ‘smart footprint’?
Reputation is what others think of you and how it will effect you like when for example you apply for a job they will see how you act and may or may not accept you.
  • Describe your digital footprint - what kind of online reputation do you want to have?
I would want to have a good a perfect reputation because when I apply for a job I might or I will get accepted and get paid with millions of money.
  • Identify at least 5 effective ways of having a smart online digital footprint.
You can have a good digital smart online footprint by making sure that you are responsible online, You are not posting inappropriate pictures, You are not hooking up with strangers that you have never met in your life and last but not least you are definitely not going on inappropriate web pages.  

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Net-Ball for Term 2

The last few weeks we have been learning about netball skills also we learnt the position of netball.
In this we had fun and we hope that our skills helps us in the netball tournament this year.We also played lots of netball games and activities

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