Friday, 29 August 2014

Sam and Jayden-Prefixes

This is a poster that  me and my friend Jayden has completed to represent what prefixes mean.Here are some examples of prefixes.Take a look!

Irregular Past Tense Verbs Cloze-Sam

Irregular Past Tense Verbs Cloze


(1) Last year, we grew carrots and tomatoes in our garden.
(2) She threw the ball to her friend.
(3) The wind blew the signs down.
(4) He sang a song for the class.
(5) She bought some milk at the store.
(6) I was tired so I slept all morning.
(7) He caught a fish at the lake.
(8) We drew pictures in art class.
(9) I knew the answer so I put up my hand.
(10) He sent an email to his classmates.
(11) I sat on the floor because there were no chairs
(12) My mom brought a pie to the picnic.
(13) She heard a noise outside.
(14) He said, "I will help you."

(15) It was a warm day so the snow began to melt.
WALT identify different verb tenses.WALT identify and use different forms of irregular verbs. This week we

Long and Short term effect-After The spill

Me and my group have been reading a text called 'After The Spill' It is related to the MV Rena oil spill.Me and Kini has created a long and short term affect about this text.

Long Term Effect:
- 350 tonnes of oil released into the sea.
- Oil on the bodies of 409 birds and collected and disposed of 2410 dead birds, of which 1448 had oil on them.
- Around 8000 volunteers helped to clean up the waste sand.
- People helped clean oil off the bodies of 409 birds and collected and disposed of 2410 dead birds, of which 1448 had oil on them.
- 2410 birds were found dead, which 1448 had oil on them.
- They found that shellfish and finfish had been poisoned with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
- Short Term Effect:
-People cannot swim in beaches any more.
-The ship is still underwater and  lots of oil are still under with it.
- Many people on the island still rely on kaimoana as an important source of food.
- Fishing boats have stop coming.
-However, a few areas, such as the northern end of Mōtītī Island, keep being re-exposed to oil each time a storm blows through.
- People would not know when it  would be safe to eat kaimoana again.
- Tourist have stopped coming.