Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Marae Recount

One wonderful day, the senior syndicate went to Orakei Marae. When we got off bus we were excited and amazed. Rm7 and Rm 8 got off first. Me Darwin and Jayden were still sticking together saying “WHOA” at the huge marae. We walked in the office and waited for 1 minute and then went through to the Whare Kai. Ms Hansell told us to respect the people in the marae.

We walked into the Wharenui after the Tangata Whenua called us in. Finally we walked closer and closer. While we walked in, I saw carvings. We had to take off our shoes before we had a chance to walk in the a real marae. It was dark and shallow but it was still cool .We sat down on the warm carpet.

The Tangata Whenua shared a mihi and told us the rules of the marae. He also told us about ancient strories about the Maori gods. After that, we had lunch. I was starving and rushed to my lunch to eat. The boys of TPS formed a line and went down stairs and practiced their haka. We got better and better. We all gathered around and shared what we had done.

The girls went first as usual. It was pretty cool but the boys were loud and proud. After a tyring day, we travel back to school.

I hope we do that again!

This is Me

I am Sam and I like my netbook  because it helps me with education and it is fun.