Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Narrative -Nerves Of Steel

Nerves Of Steel

Walking towards it, nerves struck my heart.My hands  were shaking so hard it was  making it difficult  for me to hold the pole. Feelings of death went through my mind. I felt like I was riding a roller coaster but 1000 times worse. I kept walking a few meters more with fear gaining through my body. My blood cells were running all over me panicking and panicking. It did not feel like it was me it wasn't me I felt like I was a burst of adrenalin.

The wind Punch me in the face,making me fall off But the balancing pole stood strong.The pole was not enough for the power of the wind.Continuing through the tightrope my muscle tensed so i could stand strong against the wind.

I was near to the end relief put down my fear, I was close nothing was not going to stop me.Walking down the line I started to pick up my speed.Finally I jog across the rope.Nothing could explain what I was thinking.Lights,camera,action in my face.I felt arms warp around my waste."YOU MADE IT"

By Sam

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