Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ancestral poem

Ancestral Poem

I am a Tongan Male with brown skin like the pollen from a sunflower,
like the tapa hanging on my wall
and like the husk of a  coconut.
brown Like the fala that wraps around my waist which I wear with pride,
 brown like my ancestors who are all brown, proud Tongans.

I could hear the hakalo scraping the coconut and the milk pour as my elders stir the bowl.I could taste the soft mango delight and the crunchy coconut as i hold a cup.I could feel the hot breeze as I feel like i am in my homelands. I could see colourful fish swim along the shore and sun shine bright .

My ancestor are my guiding angels guiding me through Long journey and the high mountains.They are my warriors protecting me from harm and anything that will try to hurt me.

My ancestors are my heart,my liver,my lungs,my bones and my flesh everything thats keeps a strong body moving.

Future shall come but I will pass on but I will look down from the skies  protecting and guiding  you.I am your heart, liver, lungs, bones and  flesh everything that keeps a strong body moving as I am your ancestor and your tongan warrior.

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