Monday, 13 May 2013

My Weekly Poem

WALT read a poem and analyse the language features of a poem...

Dream Poems.

Take the time often and listen to music
while relaxing or dancing.
You know… the one that speaks to your soul.
Makes you Happy, Inspired,Romantic or Peaceful & Whole
Reflect on the feel Good moments you had,Have…and Dream the life you want to obtain.
Not any negativity,loss or pain.
Feed your soul the with the Love,Light & Positivity it craves…
Your mental and emotional stability it Saves.
1. Summarise the poem you have read in your own words.
  • The poem I read this week is about dreams and just to relax and think about music. Listening to music can make you feel happy,Inspired.Romantic or Peaceful and feel complete with who you are.

2. Identify at least 2 different language features in the poem and give examples.
You can identify more than 2 language features.

  • One of the language features in this poem is metaphor. Here is an example of this language feature. Peter ate too much. He was such a pig!. The cotton-wool clouds filled the sky.
  • Another language feature in this poem is onomatopoeias. Here is an example of this language feature. Bang,Drip,Roar,Smash,Buzz Buzz,Pop.

3. Evaluate (which means reflect and give your opinion) the author’s purpose for writing this poem - in your answers include the words: inform, entertain, persuade.

By analysing the poem I have read this week I think the author wrote this poem because it’s about people always being depressed so they need to sit back and relax by listening to music.    
  • The author was informing the audience about Relaxing to the music.
  • The author was entertaining the audience by their Language and how they used it.
  • The author is trying to persuade the audience to think Music can calm you down

    This poem is about music and how it relax you. 

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