Monday, 23 July 2012

My night in Auckland City Recount.

My recount is about My night in auckland city.

The clock ticked 5:45, as we wore our shoes to drive to the city.We stepped in the green 4WD
van and a strong voice yelled “Seat belts on.” I hurried to put my belt on as I heard the engine started to rumble. Vrmmmmmmm!!! roared the green van. We smoothly drove out onto the prickly road.I couldn’t wait to see  Auckland City.

Me and my baby cousin got tired every minute we got closer but when we saw a glimmer of the lights and smelt the flipping patties in the pan We knew we were there. We gazed at huge
buildings as it shone back at us. We watched the honking buses pass by.
I put the window down and I felt the rushing wind. Just when I was going to wind up the window I saw people Ice Skating. I gazed as they glided on the ice like they were eagles flying.

The night got Dark and my cousin fell asleep. My Uncle drove back with out me noticing.
I was as tired as my baby cousin. So we arrived back at home. I hobbled holding my cousin
in my weak hand. I gave him to my aunty and hobbled on my bed closing my eyes slowly.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Reading Goals

Our Reading Goals for Term 3 are ...
  • Make use of our prior knowledge.This means asking "What do I already know about this Topic?"
  • Respond using evidence from the text.This means no guessing It mean using information from the text.