Friday, 24 October 2014

Why other schools need net books?-Explanation Writing

Printers,computers and other tech are things that make our school easier for us to learn,create and share.I always think to myself Is there anything that we need to improve on?There are always needs to make our school strive for success.I am going to talk to you about a need for other schools and that is a net book.

A net book has many media sources such as Google Docs,Presentation and Google Drawings.Google Drive is made to organise your work and with the correct use of it, children of a young age will develop how to manage themselves.If children can manage themselves,teachers won’t have to remind kids of what they have to do.

Another reason why other schools should have the experiences of net books is because these little devices have access to the internet and instead of waiting for a person on the class computer you can login and you are ready.If you have a net book then you can have faster access which helps you finish work on time.

My last reason is that the work you produce can be blogged for the world to see.This could help others know what you’re working on then they will get interested in how you produce your work and that could lead to them knowing about net books.

This is the conclusion of my explanation about net books and why they should be viral.Thank you for your time.


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