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Why did Greig decide to design a new type of umbrella?
Every time it started raining, someone would open their umbrella, and the sharp end of an umbrella rib was right at his eye so he wanted to create a new umbrella.
What is the history of the umbrella given in the text?The first umbrellas were invented thousands of years ago. They were used to protect people from the sun and were often made of paper. Then the Chinese discovered that if they covered their umbrellas with something that made them Waterproof, such as wax or lacquer, the umbrella would protect them from rain too. The basic design of the umbrella hasn’t changed much since then.
What new features did Greig design on the umbrella?
He designed a frame with ribs that “float” (that aren’t attached to the material) to make sure that the fabric could not pull away. The ribs stretch into the blunt tips like fingers fitting into a glove. The tips have specially designed pockets that carry the tension of the fabric right to the edge - meaning the fabric can’t tear away and the edge of the umbrella is stronger. He also made his umbrella a bit flatter so that strong Winds could slide over the top more easily.
What is the name of Greig’s umbrella and why did he call it that?He called his umbrella the blunt umbrella because it had  no pointed ends to poke people,.
How did Greig test the umbrella? Greig took his prototype up to One Tree in Auckland during a storm to test ' umbrella, of course.
How does Greig’s work impact the world? The umbrella survived, so Greig made several functional he knew his concept worked.
Here is a text I read and also question i answered about the text.This text is based on man who created a umbrella.Read through my work to get a idea of the text!

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