Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Autobiography

This week I presented an autobiography in front of my class.There are some personal information I have deleted Because I am being cyber smart.In my presentation I have shared interesting information
About my life ,Inspiration and future aspiration. 

Who Am I?
My name is Sam also named as Samu and I am a 11 years old boy.I was born in  June the 29th 2001 in Greenlane hospital I am a athletic,charming and determined friend.  I am also a serious, chubby faced dreamer. I  have brown eyes and black short hair.I love music,techknowledge, playing sports and going to church.I am a student at Tamaki Primary School and also a school patrol..My family is the best thing that happened to me because they help me in homework, support me in rugby and make me feel welcome. I have two brothers and one sister .They are named Sefa (Oldest), Solomone (2nd  oldest), Sione (3rd oldest)and me Sam (youngest). There is my mum and aunty that are soft flowers and they always encourage me to work hard at school and don’t run away from home. I am proud to be a Tongan and know that I live in a lovely country.

Timeline of my life
The funniest moment of my life is when I was three and I was looking for the toilet but I couldn't find then I just poop on the floor.My most horrifying is when We went on the fear fall and I tried to scream but the wind was shutting my mouth.

2001 when I was zero I was born.2002 When I was 1 I met my dad and my step dad.2003 when I was 2 I helped my mum do chores.2004 When I was three I poop at our old house on the carpet.2005 When I was four we moved to our new house.2006 When I was five I started to be naughty like my brother and went to school2007 When I was 7 use to get into fights with my friends.2008 When I was 8 I was baptized and I revived the holy spirit.2009 when I was 9 I was in miss kyla for the first time2010 When I was 10 I received my netbook.2011When I was 11 My sister was pregnant to my nicie.2012When I was 2012 Me and my best friend were going to split up classes for the first time.2013My Nieces was born.2014finish intermediate with good grades2015-2021Go college and finished college and go serve my mission for 2 years.2023-2027when I come back from my mission I will start attending Aut or university and have a wife and children.2027at 2027 I will start to be a professional doctor2027If I’m not liking my job I will trial for the ikale tahi team.

The people who  helped me to reach my goal is my mum and dad.They helped me by telling me right thing to do and pushing me to the national standards.if I want to be a rugby player or a doctor I will need to focus,practice ,be good with people,eat healthier and be a humble winner and gracious loser.

here are some inspiring quotes that inspired me to be a rugby player!!!

“Winning isn't everything--but wanting to win is.”
“When Life knock you down get back up and fight harder”
"Failure is the road to Success"
"Together  Everyone  Achieves  More"
"If you are going to be a champion, you must be willing to pay a greater price"

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  1. Nice Work Sam!
    I like how you wrote about how you pooped on the carpet!
    Next time you should fix the problem with the blank space.