Friday, 19 October 2012


The alarm rang seven when Max suddenly woke and realise that it time to get changed for work.He jump out of bed and scurried to the bathroom and got his shaver.Max’s work started at eight and the time was ticking as it was seven thirty.Max put his tie on, grabbed a cup of coffee and zoomed to the car forgetting his car keys. He checked in his pocket and shouted ”KITCHEN!!!” in a frustrated way.He dashed like a motorbike in the kitchen and took the keys in a hurry to the car.

The car started up like a grandpa coughing. Max reversed his car and chicken eye the time. It was ten more minutes until work and in Max’s mind was  “I’m going to make it” repeatedly. It was seven fifty five and it was a red light.

It was a green light so Max scrambled.He turn left, then right and finally straight ahead.
He glared at the tall building so he raced ahead it to work with a smile.


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