Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sam Observation Report

During Term 3 Week 4 We did a Science investigation on if you smear petroleum
jelly on a leaf what will happen.

First we gathered our materials and they are petroleum jelly,a geranium plant,soil and two plastic cups.After that we grabbed the Cups and poured the soil in it.Then planted the plant safely in the plastic cups.After we smeared the leaves with petroleum jelly and leaf them until day one.

On day one The leaves are sticky and can’t grow because the petroleum jelly  is like a shield and blocking the leaf when it is trying to breathe.On day five a plant has been burnt and it still can’t breath.
In Week 3 Both plants died.

I have learnt that if plants need air and lots of space.

I have discovered that if spread petroleum jelly on leaf it will die!!!

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