Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sam Movie Magic Evaluation

Insert the screenshot of your diamond below:

I think that good editing  is the most important element to movie making because...
If it is not edited properly, it might not be the way you want it.  That will mean the audience will think your movie is out of order and that will mean they will get bored easily and you won’t have achieved your movie goal.

I put a tripod and sound second because... if you didn’t have sound, it would boring and if you did not use a tripod it would be shaky.

I think the least important element is fancy camera because...
It doesn’t matter what type of camera you have because the other camera might be better than the flash camera.

Other important elements that aren’t included here are... Teamwork..  Teamwork is important because it means there will be more ideas.  More ideas are better than a lone idea.

My biggest lightbulb moment while learning about movie magic was...
Using different ideas to help in our movie. and using a tripod.

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  1. Interesting reflection Sam. I agree, you don't need to have a flash camera to make a good film. Some people use ordinary cameras and still have amazing ideas and scripts. Well done!